An evening of connections

Toastmasters making connections
The River Severn

Despite the August Bank Holiday we had a wonderful group of Toastmasters who made the evening very enjoyable. Lindy arrived with us after a long damp and cold trek to find the source of the River Severn so when her table topic was the expression: “How far is too far?” she spoke with feeling. Jackie managed to pick a good table topic too, with “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” Not only that but the word of the day was “laudable” and Jackie has owned a horse called Laudable, so an evening of connections.

Clara entertained us with her speech entitled: “Meat and Two Veg,” and won Best Speaker.  We recall her last speech was about cooking the perfect bowl of rice, so we await the pudding speech with interest. A lively evening as always with a mixture of fun and learning.

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