An Evening of Contrast

Tonight at Ludlow Speakers we had an evening of contrast.

There were two longer speeches, the first delivered by Sam who lead us on an exploration of problem solving. Although we had no definitive answers at the end, the process was enlightening and took us forward.

Which fruit will solve my problem?

The second speech opened up the world of selling to those of us who don’t know it. We heard stories of the days of knocking on doors to sell educational books and some of the tricks employed, along with how to sell to a business when you can’t compete on price or even product.

Apparently, from a buyer’s perspective, it often hinges on rapport.

And by contrast?

Kenny gets into action in Table Topics
Kenny gets into action in Table Topics

Our impromptu speaking involved fantasy stories of riding a tricycle up Machu Picchu with Donald Trump, accompanying the Queen on a test ride of a fold up commuter bike round the M25, riding a bike to the South Pole on an ice float with a dog and racing round a velodrome with an orangutan.

  A hilarious and uplifting evening as always.

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