An evening of gifts

Speech evaluations are a gift. They empower the speaker with commendations on their speech and provide them with constructive feedback and recommendations that help them build and develop their speaking skills. Jill delivered an educational focusing on how to give effective evaluations and led group evaluations through the evening to give everyone the chance to practice.

Clara delivering her speech

Two excellent speeches followed which put these evaluation skills to the test. Clara spoke with great empathy of an ethical investment cooperative that arranges loans to small businesses in developing countries from donations and investments. Her impressive visual aid was revealed in dramatic style with the words ‘the whole world opens up…’ showing how a small contribution can change lives and empower people. Another gift.

Marina presented us with a question: ‘how do we learn?’ and made us think hard about how to communicate effectively when you cannot see your audience. She demonstrated this by describing an exercise where two people sit back to back with some lego bricks; one person describes how to build something to the person behind who has to follow their directions. The results were usually very different. However with help from fellow Toastmaster and coach Sam, Marina described how she learned to accept the challenge of delivering a webinar. Her enthusiasm left us in no doubt that she relished the opportunity.

New member Jeremy receiving best Table Topics speaker ribbon from President Jackie

It’s not every day that you get offered £10,000 to spend on a trip, even if it is a virtual one. Daniel gave an eloquent account of his desire to visit the home of his grandfather in northern Italy and learn about his roots there. Jackie had the option of a cruise anywhere she liked and, after considering a trip up the Danube or the Norwegian fjords, plumped for the beaches of the Caribbean. Our Table Topics winner was new member Jeremy who grabbed out attention and interest with a graphic description of chariot racing at the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome when asked what event he would like to attend.

Another wonderful evening at Ludlow Speakers.

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