Are You a Peach or a Coconut?

Are you a peach or a coconut?

“Warm and fuzzy on the outside with a private stone in the middle”

Marina turned an impromptu quote into a heart-warming story about friendship. 

Are you warm and fuzzy on the outside but keep things private – a peach.  Or a hard shell, that takes a while to crack but then gushes with friendship for life – a coconut. 

Congratulations to Marina for winning both the Best Impromptu speech of the evening, along with Best Speaker – a rare occurrence.

Marina Ibrahim, VP Membership
Marina Ibrahim, VP Membership

Kenny was the only one who recognised the author of his profound quote, for his impromptu speech “life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans” (John Lennon).  He kept us guessing all the way through his talk. 

Our three speeches were the usual variety of subjects.  Sam describing the 5 senses with eloquence and beautiful gestures.  Jenny delivering an entertaining talk on the unlikely subject on tax and finally Marina mixing storying-telling, facts and the benefits of speaking a second language.

Come along to our next meeting on Monday 29th April.  Be entertained and improve your speaking skills.

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