Around the World in…two hours

Who inspires us?

We were rewarded with an excellent and vibrant meeting yesterday evening.    To get the ball rolling, we were all suitably inspired by Tracey’s Warm-Up topic: “Who has inspired you?”

Our inspirational people came from very different walks of life, ranging from Nelson Mandela’s “Walk to Freedom”, to a very helpful Post Office worker who went out of her way (literally) to help Jill.   Daniel is inspired by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who advised that we can all achieve what we set out to achieve if we really believe in it.

Daniel also nourished us with the delights of working as a chef, the hierarchy in a restaurant kitchen and the prolific use of the F-word by a certain notorious celebrity chef.

Should you feed ducks bread?

We then had an interesting talk and debate by Jackie on “Should you feed ducks’ bread?”   The Queen’s Swan Marker states that it doesn’t do them any harm.  However, other studies have concluded that it may affect their ability and willingness to hunt and find its natural food source, which is berries, seeds, slugs, fish and frogs.

Barra Airport
Barra Airport

Helen talked about “Walking the Hebridean Way”, a 186-mile walk starting in Barra, which boasts the only commercial flight that lands on the beach – very exciting.  The walk ends at the Butt of Lewis, which geographically is closer to Norway than it is to London.   We also learnt about the land clearance that took place between 1760 – 1850 by the wealthy landowners of Scotland, who evicted their tenants out of their rented Crofters’ cottages and forced them to move off the Islands, burning their properties so that they couldn’t return.  Hard times!

Globetrotting around the World

Victoria was our Table Topics Master, which allows for some impromptu speaking and helps with the ability to “think on one’s feet”.   We were delightfully and humorously taken on a journey to Indonesia, with its very special and friendly people; India with its cacophony of noise, smells, colour and vibrancy; Australia with its snakes and killer spiders at every turn; South America with its haunting and evocative pan pipes; Hawaii where the people are always laughing with happiness and bonhomie.

Emily won Best Table Topics Award

Daniel won Best Speaker Award

Sam won Best Evaluator Award

The next meeting will be held at the Ludlow Mascall Centre on Monday, 8th July at 19:30hrs.  Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

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