Charity Wrapped with Dignity

You may have heard a similar story before, as it is one being played out everyday the world over.

There was an egg seller on the side of the road.  He had 3 baskets of eggs in front of him and he was sitting on a small stool in front of them.  He had a very weather-beaten face, an old over coat and woollen hat; he looked as if life had dealt him a rough hand.  A rather smart car pulls over and asks the old man how much he is selling his eggs for.  “They are  RS25/- each.”   She woman replied that she would buy 6 for RS125/-  otherwise she wouldn’t buy them.  “Pay what you want, and may God bless us both, I haven’t sold any today.”   She got back into her big shiny car feeling a little smug, feeling that she had won.   She then met a friend for lunch in a nice restaurant, where they ordered whatever they wanted, left most of it and the bill came to RS1200. )  She left RS1300 and told the restaurant owner to keep the change.   Why is it that people feel that they have to “get one over on the poor, the needy, the most vulnerable in society.  It is because they are an easy target, is it because it makes them feel powerful, it is because it makes they feel superior?

This story was conveyed by a journalist and he recalls asking his father when he was young, “Dad, why do you always pay more than the asking price for things when you are buying from the poor, from street sellers?   He replied “Son, I do it because it is charity wrapped in dignity”.

Did you know half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day and 900 million people cannot read or write?

Lend with Care

Lend with Care, administered by the Co-Operative Bank is a charity that has been set up to help people in third world countries become self employed by lending them money start a business. They work with Micro Finance Partners who effectively work as a lending bank for the poor, for people who under any other circumstance would not have access to loans. Once a business plan has been proposed and accepted a loan is granted, the money is typically used to buy stock to perhaps set up a small shop or a market stall, to buy equipment, maybe a sewing machine to set up a workshop, some land to grow crops etc. These loans really do change lives, allowing people to earn enough to provide for their family, pay for their education and healthcare, giving them self-esteem and dignity.

You can lend as little as £15, which is paid back by the lendee in small incremental payments, thus allowing you to re-lend it to someone else. This is charity wrapped in dignity.

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