Pigs, cats and fairies

It’s amazing what you learn at Toastmasters. Helen’s speech on pigs (accompanied by sausage samples) revealed how the females are known as piglets, weaners, gilts and sows as they progress through life. Clara demonstrated the art of storytelling┬áto great acclaim by winning Best Speaker with her tale of childhood antics of ‘When the cat’s away, the mice will play’. Fairies and beautiful illustrations were introduced by Jenny in her speech about her favourite children’s books in which we discovered her Irish roots and a talent for acting.

A carpet of daisiesSnippets of overheard conversations were the subject of table topics won by Hilary, another great storyteller, who turned ‘No, it’s not a giant mosquito’ into a dormitory visit by a nighttime wasp. We also discovered that Denise would dye her hair pink (if pushed to choose a colour), Leon was prone to emptying buckets of crabs onto his friends as a child, while Marina drew us a picture of life among the daisies and shrubs of her youth.

Lindy presented our new ‘Information interlude’ singing the praises of her first COT (club officer training) and encouraging everyone to attend the next one.