Competition Time!

We were rewarded with an interesting and inspiring evening last night – an evening of competition speeches.  This was the first round of the competition and the winners will go through to the next round, which is the district competition involving 5 local Toastmaster Clubs.      

To get the ball rolling, we were all suitably inspired by Tracey’s Warm-Up topic: “What is the most dangerous/scariest thing you have ever done”.    An interesting topic and what an adventurous group of people!  We have Jill galloping on horseback across the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert at breakneck speed – clinging on for dear life.  We had tales of zip-wires, parachuting, racing cars, diving, adventures in a water park and lots more.

Then we moved onto the Humorous Speech competition entered by Kenny, Richard and Jill   They all certainly had us laughing and entertained.    Kenny was an alien from Planet Zork who landed on Clee Hill in his spaceship to learn about “Toastmasters”, a strange human activity.   Richard spoke about sight-seeing and about how the eye sees light and colour (rods and cones) with some very amusing anecdotes.  Jill spoke about superstitions that can be good or bad luck:

  • Crossing on the stairs – bad luck
  • Horseshoe on the door – good luck
  • Pigeon pooping on you – good luck!
  • Jill won Best Speaker Award
  • Emily won Best Table Topics Award
Ludlow Speakers Competition

Both will go through to the next round of the competition where they will compete again five other speakers.

All are welcome to join and listen to some entertaining high-level speeches taking place at:

The Ludlow Mascall Centre, Lower Galdeford, SY8 1RZ on Saturday, 28th September at 1.30pm.

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