Have you heard of the Toothache Tree?

We had another interesting evening at Ludlow Toastmasters meeting on Monday.

Our warm up session, organised by Marina, asked the question:  “I am going to Edinburgh with my husband for a short break, what would you recommend us to do”    We had a variety of answers, although most of us thought the best thing to do would be to walk around, absorb the atmosphere, spend time in a café listening to the local accents…oh, and sample the local whiskeys of course.

There were two interesting and enlightening speeches given by Emily and Jackie.   From Emily we learnt about:

Spiders Web – there are 50,000 species of spiders, most do not use a web.   The silks are very string have been used for wound healing (Ancient Greeks), fishing lines (Aborigines), crosshairs in optical targeting up to the Second World War.

Tamarind – a paste or the fruit that is used in cooking, can be eaten raw or in sweets.  It has health benefits, such as lowering sugar levels, contains polyphenols (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  The bark and leaves have wound healing properties.   It can also be used to remove tarnish on metal!

Toothache Tree – used to treat inflammatory pain conditions; it is a fast-acting nerve analgesia; the bark and the leaves are used and can be chewed to numb the mouth; it is used in toothpastes in India

Jackie’s speech had the intriguing title “Waiting for a Man…” and she went to explain in what circumstances she ended up waiting for a man.   It turned out on several occasions that Jackie has been waiting for male friends whilst they decide what tee-shirt looks best (when going out on a hike) and, on another occasion, waiting whilst they apply some creams.    She asked the question is this because society as whole is becoming more narcissistic, or is it the feminisation of men who are becoming more reflective and emotionally intelligent?   Is it the next step in human evolution, or is it the advent of digital age and the ubiquitous selfie pose?    Plenty to think about.

Our impromptu table topics session allows everyone to have the chance to speak for approximately 2 minutes on a given subject and to practice the skill of being able to speak on one’s feet.   We learnt some interesting facts:   did you know you can buy a (retired) thoroughbred racehorse for £100?  

Our next meeting Ludlow Toastmasters Meeting will take place at the Ludlow Mascall Centre on 11th November at 7.15pm.   If you would like to learn more about Ludlow Toastmasters, contact us at: https://www.ludlowspeakers.org.uk/contact-us/  

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