Off the Cuff Public Speaking

You put your hand in a bag and draw out a piece of paper with a line of text.  That is your subject to talk about for the next two minutes.  It is a challenge, which becomes extremely enjoyable with practice. 

Each piece of paper had a popular New Year’s Resolution written on it.  Jill said she had always saved money and so delighted us with tales of photographic holidays, winning best off the cuff/impromptu speech.  Sam decided she had enough jobs and it was time to start saying no and Hilary, who has lots of friends, hilariously described how to make more, with the help of a therapist.

Jackie Preuss, Our president in action
Jackie Preuss Our president in action

“A Healthy Canine Diet” speech was a welcome change to human dieting, delivered eloquently by Jackie.  A strong start to the new year for Ludlow Speakers.  We welcome guests to discover the speaking and leadership skills, they already have and help them improve in a friendly supportive environment. 2nd & 4th Monday, 7.20pm – 9.30pm at the Mascall Centre.


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