Pumpkins, Wilfred Owen and Wheelie bins

Ludlow Speakers had a lively meeting with an invitation to tell the story behind the newspaper headlines for the impromptu speaking which involved a speeding woman in a wheelie bin and a budgie that could pick the winners in horseracing with such accuracy that it met an untimely and suspicious end. We also had an exploding fridge caused by chutney and conspiratorial seagulls reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s “The Birds.”

Helen introducing us to Shropshire born poet, Wilfred Owen
Helen introducing us to Shropshire born poet, Wilfred Owen

On a more sombre note, Helen combined the life of Shropshire born Wilfred Owen with extracts from his most famous poem: Dulce et Decorum est.

Our second speaker informed us of the merits of pumpkins: not just to make lanterns but as a versatile and nutritious food for sweet and savoury recipes. We were shown pictures of the different varieties and learnt that despite their weight they are inexpensive to buy. Evidently a pumpkin is not just for Halloween!


Ludlow Speakers is held at the Mascall Centre and the next meeting is 26th November, all welcome. For more information https://www.ludlowspeakers.org.uk/

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