Real ‘public speaking’

Speaking doesn’t get any more public than when you have your Toastmasters meeting outdoors and anyone can hear you. Ludlow Speakers ventured out to the Millennium Green in Ludlow last night to have an evening picnic by the river. Two great speeches, some imaginative Table Topics, and a guest who signed up to join the club mixed with some fantastic food made it a memorable evening.

Our long-distance member Denise delivered a wonderful speech about the delights of reading books and the many benefits it yields: creativity, empathy, and friendship. Jackie took us on a long-distance travel adventure to Australia as she recounted her gap year experience on the other side of the world when she delivered her second ‘icebreaker’ speech.

Sam had us all imagining ourselves in the most unlikely jobs during the Table Topics session of which Jill as an Instagram influencer was perhaps the most unbelievable. Hilary did a great job imagining herself as a theoretical physicist but Denise swept the board with her description of her life as an oil rig owner. A delightful evening enjoyed by all.

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