Shrewd and wise

That was us – shrewd and wise at Ludlow Speakers last Monday or, as we struggled to pronounce the word of the day – perspicacious. There was wisdom indeed from Helen with her illuminating speech about the ‘gender data gap’ an intriguing analysis of how research is predominantly male-based. She described how this has some profound consequences, particularly in road safety and medicine.

By a complete contrast we learned that Helen’s husband is the chief shoe-purchaser in their family to everyone’s apparent surprise. Hilary tried to convince us with a wry grin that her favourite pair of shoes were gold, high-heeled stilettos as her contribution to the warm-up. Noone believed her.

Hilary also wove a dramatic account of ‘a journey with Columbus’ and his arrival in Jamaica. She used a full range of descriptive language, powerful voice control, meaningful gestures and elements of surprise and wonder that engaged us all.

For table topics we were challenged by Jackie to pair up a Disney character with a completely different film which led to us imagining Kenny in a Bambi costume, Jill leading Pinocchio down the yellow brick road, and Emily, our winner, crash-landing Dumbo into the mouth of Jaws.

Our next meeting is on Monday, 8 April at 7.30pm at the Ludlow Mascall Centre. All welcome.

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