Tall tales

An evening of magic, mystery and suspected murder held the audience in thrall as four talented speakers wove their tall tales in Ludlow Speakers’ first speech contest last night. The challenge was for contestants to tell an imaginary story on any topic using exaggeration, twists and turns for 3-5 minutes. They did not disappoint.

Tall Tales winner Kenny receiving his certificate from contest chair Sam

Kenny’s tale of a robotic alien despatched to observe ‘The Small Things’ of life on earth was followed by Daniel weaving a magical story of a beautiful girl ‘Blodeuwedd’. Jenny dimmed the lights and spun the story of a fallen woman and her search for the special box in ‘Midnight at Moorgate’, while Hilary’s tale told of events leading up to the sad demise of ‘Sammy’ the hamster whose death in suspicious circumstances was revealed in the last sentence. The speakers did a wonderful job of entrancing and entertaining us and set a high standard of storytelling.

The judges had a difficult task marking speech content, delivery and language and awarded first place to Kenny, second place to Hilary and third place to Jenny.

The evening concluded with an opportunity for everyone to tell a story in our impromptu speaking slot, Table Topics, set by contest chair Sam. We heard about the challenge of a relaxing holiday, being sixteen again, dancing the night away in Havanna, and the horse that ate Jackie’s carefully cultivated brussel sprouts. Another inspiring and entertaining evening.

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