The Answer to All of Life’s Problems?

Ludlow Speakers

Jackie posed the question “is the answer to all of life’s problems…a dog?”

Ludlow Speakers

Then entertained us with hilarious tales of living with a new puppy.  Always clear up their mess straight-away, don’t forget to play and you are never alone!

Denise won best speaker on the night, explaining the Japanese term Poka Yoke.  Her well-rehearsed speech was without errors, appropriately, given Poka Yoke means ‘mistake proofing’.  Denise included lots of examples.

The next time you are at the cashpoint waiting for your card to be returned, before your cash  (so you don’t forget it).  That is an example of Poka Yoke.

Lindy started her Pathways journey confidently with her speech titled “C is not just for Cake” but curiosity, creativity and a ‘can-do’ attitude.  The audience were surprised cake wasn’t one of Lindy’s “C’s” but delighted when actual delicious cake was offered during the break.

Jackie introduced us to animals she worked with at West Midlands Safari Park for Table Topics.  Amusing stories followed, from wolves to polar bears, with Jill’s Elk Crossing winning best table topic.

A humourous last night at The Sitting Room, Blue Boar Pub in Ludlow.


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