The Perfect Summary of a Meeting?

Ludlow Speakers’ second meeting at the Ludlow Mascall Centre was very enjoyable.

To start the evening, we were treated to an Italian tongue twister complete with dance by Clara during the warm up before moving on to the prepared speeches.

In a speech meant to persuade us of her views, Jenny highlighted the importance of introducing yourself, and demonstrated the benefits of being able to sell.

Hilary followed this with an entertaining speech that consisted of three funny stories with deeper meanings and won her the Best Speaker award.

The final speech of the evening was given by Clara who spoke passionately about a Shropshire charity that provides water for villages in Africa, and inspired us to take action.

How very fitting that the word of the day, chosen by grammarian Marina was “motivate”.

Our newest member Daniel chose the table topics for this meeting, and with Halloween coming up members were entertained with tales about different phobias. We heard stories about papaphobia – fear of the Pope, and coulrophobia – the fear of clowns, and also learned that phobias can be very easy to cure.

The best table topic award went to Clara who spoke about the fear of money and painted a very vivid picture of her counting her pocket money in front of the mirror as a child.

The next meeting will be on November 12th.

Written by Jackie Preuss

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