We are international

If ever a Table Topics session demonstrated the international connections of Toastmasters, last night’s meeting of Ludlow Speakers did it in spades. In response to Sue’s challenge for us to interview a deceased ancestor we heard our members speak of relations in Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Australia and Wales! Not only that, but family secrets were revealed that had only recently been discovered and which, in the case of our first-time guest Jenny, had introduced her to hitherto unknown cousins. We learned about the possibility of inherited traits and skills, that we have a competent plumber among our membership, and how an aunt was presented with a basket of Heinz 57 varieties. Revelations all round in the space of 15 minutes!

Our two speeches of the evening could not have been more different. Daniel wove two stories, the rise of the Buddha, and Star Wars, to demonstrate the basic elements of storytelling. It was a compelling speech, cleverly constructed and competently delivered to describe ‘A hero of a thousand faces’. Jill’s objective was to present an award and chose to celebrate the first meeting of Ludlow Speakers as a chartered Toastmasters club to pay tribute to everyone who had helped it achieve this important milestone, three years after it was founded. The award was received by President Jackie on behalf of the club.

An entertaining evening of lovely language, lots of laughter, and a brilliant example of alliteration by Lindy who read an entire sentence of words beginning with the same letter. We welcomed our guest Jenny who bravely joined in, and were delighted to see Sue again. Our next meeting is on Monday, 25 March at 7.30pm at Ludlow Mascall Centre.

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