What you can achieve

Toastmasters Pathways - so many ways to learnToastmasters exciting new education programme Pathways has been developed as a dynamic learning experience to help you build your speaking and leadership skills. There are many online tools, videos, quizzes and guides to help you follow the Pathway that best suits your speaking and/or leadership goals. Take a look at the Pathways overview to see the variety for yourself.

The programme is self-paced and you can use the many tools available to plan and practice each project. Club meetings give you the chance to deliver speeches, learn how to listen to and evaluate those of other members, and take on roles that build your confidence and help meetings run smoothly. You gain competencies in many areas including:

Hilary mastering the stage
Hilary mastering the stage
  • Public speaking
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Structuring your speeches to deliver a strong message
  • Using the power of language to leave a lasting impression
  • Making full use of your voice
  • Mastering the stage, gestures and movement
  • Using visual aids effectively
  • Persuading and inspiring your audience
  • Managing and participating in meetings
  • Leading and managing people
Sue demonstrates gestures and facial expression
Sue demonstrates gestures and facial expression

Everyone’s journey is different, but the common thread running through all Toastmasters clubs is the friendly support and help that members give to each other, providing encouragement and constructive feedback, and above all having fun while you learn how to become a proficient and engaging speaker.

Denise explains why she joined Toastmasters: