Wine, chocolate and jam

Two guests, two speeches, and a grammar challenge were the delights on offer at Ludlow Speakers last night. We love welcoming guests to our meetings and both Victoria and Tracey gamely joined in the warm-up and Table Topics with great success.

Kenny’s speech about the positive and negative effects of oxygen on wine was engaging, educational and entertaining in equal measure. He pulled off the challenge of explaining a technical subject in simple language very well, using an array of props, fantastic gestures, and skilful demonstrations. The finale where he poured wine into a glass without removing the foil or cork from the bottle was a dramatic and magical conclusion to a great speech.

Jackie used two slides of images and a lot of body movement to demonstrate how to make the most of yourself when having your photograph taken. Not only did she strike the poses and ‘walk the talk’, but also explained why each posture enhanced the model and how she had learned these tips through watching a friend on a photo shoot. An excellent example of the demonstration speech.

After a chocolate break, our Table Topics Master, Sam, gave us a short grammar lesson introducing words with multiple meanings (lead, draft, bark) to see what we could do with them. We saw clever mimes of swimming and aiming a cue from Hilary (pool), winced as Jill told of striking her thumb while hammering (nail), and enjoyed Emily’s suggestion that next time we are stuck in traffic we wave to the occupants of neighbouring vehicles and pretend we are spreading them with strawberry conserve (jam).

You just never know what you’ll hear at Ludlow Speakers, but it’s always interesting! Our next meeting is on Monday, 13 May, and advance notice that the one after will be on 20 May instead of 27 May which is a bank holiday.

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